Come, soft pine arms fold you to her trunk.

Grandfather pine sits you down across and behind.

Guardian squirrel and guide hawk nest overhead.

Father Sun spreads his fingers around your heart, his nest egg.

We are ancient. We are ancient.

We are the ones standing.

We are the ones standing, watching.

We are holding the vision.

We are the gateway.

We are the door keepers.

Waiting for you to come our way.

Waiting for you to come our way.

Waiting to open the door.

Waiting to give you the key.

Dancing as all our needles perceive.

As all our needles perceive, growing from root to seed.

Come. Be. Welcome to our Pine family.

We were family from before the time you learned the bluejay’s name.

Watching your joy rush down the snowy hill, we kept you warm with our  

              winter fire.

Our waving branches called the circle for your grandparents to sit

              recalling  your heritage from the stones to the stars.

We hold the deep surrender of earthly love, where below our Mother

             transforms and raises your heart to the sky.

Listen granddaughter you will grow inward up a smooth trunk

         and outwards whorling branches, eyes the shape of lines.

See my learning: focus on trunk and then focus on branches.

Pick your time and place, sit yourself down, and here hear the exploration.

We bring acceptance, peace, stillness, concentration.

When you are everywhere from everyplace at everytime you shriek with noise.

When you go carrying the quiet, white bright sap goes from earth to sky, root to crown, safe to receive all the impressions, holding center firm and clear, holy flame ignited.

Bouncing and holding my hand, pine children are true friends, paying attention, ready with smiles.

Grandmother pine circle I come to your house to release,

Resting on your bed I could forever lie in peace, restoring my being.

May you furnish the house of my mind with calm and compassion,

the home of my heart with light,

the home of my womb with play,

my feet reaching down to the fiery core, the vital flame.

I thank you Pine for all your power and all your patience,

     for cleaning me, teaching me, embracing me, fortifying me.

I offer my gratitude to the Pine family, their ancient eyes holding all of  

    our hearts, evergreen, forever glowing bright.