Emily Cavelier is an herbalist, wellness coach, and chef living and working in New York City since 2003.

From 2004 to 2007, Emily was head Pastry Chef at Pure Food and Wine, an internationally recognized restaurant known for its delicious raw, vegan, and organic menu. Her snacks and desserts, such as crackers, macaroons, the raw tiramisu and the classic sundae, are so popular that they continue to be favorites today.

She then became Executive Chef at International Harvest in 2008, a New York based maker of wholesale vegan, raw, and gluten-free foods, developing such items as a raw chia nopal energy bar, a raw chocolate brownie, a raw cherry pie, a mulberry walnut granola snack, a line of baked vegan oatmeal cookies, and a line of baked gluten-free cookies.

In 2011, after many years of apprenticing in herbal practice and developing a wellness and nutritional philosophy rooted in deep physical, emotional, and spiritual wellness, Emily launched her consulting business, Nourishing Root, with the mission of helping people connect to the natural state of health and joy in their bodies and minds so they can live better, happier lives. 

Now Emily’s work includes nutritional and herbal wellness consulting, private cooking engagements, menu and recipe development, cooking and herbal preparation lessons, and chef work. Emily’s cooking is not limited to any one diet, and thrives on the best fresh ingredients, captivating playful flavors, and a commitment to cooking with love and magic. She brings her unique brand of hands-on skills, creative pioneering, and a mind-body-soul approach to wellness to all of her work and looks forward to sharing that work with you.

As we move into a more chaotic and uncertain world with much rising to the surface for transformation, self care and community connection are even more valuable in order to maintain calm compassion in the face of challenge. It is my hope that as we connect more with Mama Earth and her rhythms, we will remember our role as care-givers and step into stewards’ shoes. It is my hope that instead of disconnecting from our bodies to cope that we may travel down deep, choosing to be embodied, to live in our bodies and to treat our bodies well.

In choosing to take up space we give worth to our bodies and to the relationships we have known and those we tend. In choosing to take up space as women, we hold this space and our voices as sacred, remembering all those who were persecuted, burned, silenced, threatened and remembering all those who have pushed against the limitations of society. In these times it's clear there will be much work to do to preserve our rights and freedoms. To be strong warriors and warrioresses, we need to be well nourished. We need to have the best possible nutrition for the function of our bodies, the sharpness of our minds, the flowering of our hearts.  When we are actively nourished and embodied we can trust the rhythms of the moon and the seasons, we feel more connectioned and learn to surrender to the flow.  I'm excited to share all of my offerings with you so that you can experience the support of good cooking and plant allies. As we spiral through our lives, may we be strengthened in ourselves and our communities, enriched through food, herbs, and beauty, as we expand into a wider web of compassion, creativity, and love. 

Green blessings on your path,