“Working with Emily was that extra step I needed to transform my body from simply being healthy, to being healthy and feeling alive. 

Because of her kind and accepting nature there is no situation or condition that one would feel uncomfortable sharing with her and discussing.  And because of her knowledge of health and herbs, there was no condition that was beyond her to address and treat.

I recommend Emily for anyone who is ready to transform their present physical and mental state.  Her work brings the subtle and essential changes that only a person truly looking to grow are interested in discovering.”

-Krista Amigone


“Emily has a deep understanding of plants and herbs that goes way beyond what you can find in a guidebook. Her intuitive nature and her ability to quickly connect with those she seeks to guide allow her a unique approach to natural healing that helps her patients address their physical needs as well as their emotional ones. Emily's integration into her practice of baking and cooking--skills she developed at a young age from her mother and grandmother--is very exciting. I never knew nettles could taste so good until I tasted her Nettle Balls, delicious treats that are as good as they are healthy. I had to fight my husband for them!”

-Kathleen Maffetone


“I couldn't be more satisfied with the advice Emily has given me for treating my kidney stones. Emily's knowledge and desire to help are impressive, as is her kindness and professionalism.. Communication is easy. She offers a holistic approach and provided recommendations for herbs (including advice on acquiring and preparing them), diet and dealing with emotional aspects of health. I've seen dramatic results and am now ready to seek her guidance for other health issues. I have and will continue to recommend her services to others.”

-Terry Chilko


“Emily baked the most imaginative and delicious cupcakes for my daughter's birthday!  She came up with a palette of different frosting colors for the kids to paint their own cupcakes. No refined sugars, all natural colors, and melt in your mouth goodness of wonder and inspiration. Just amazing!”  

-Bethany Yarrow


“I've had the pleasure of sampling a variety of Emily's deserts over the years, and she is my go-to for any no-room-for-error occasion. It's hard to name just one favorite, but her buttercream icing and vegan coconut brownies are at the top of the list.”

-Diana Barnes-Brown


“My husband and I did not want a traditional cake for our wedding, but we weren't sure about what we did want to serve.  We wanted something based on a favorite English pudding that could serve a lot of people but be made with seasonal late spring ingredients.  Emily said this would not be a problem, and rose to the challenge spectacularly.  After chatting with us at length about likes and dislikes, she developed a recipe for an english trifle that included all of our favorite flavors - fresh strawberries, cream, custard, chartreuse.  Then she prepared it in a borrowed kitchen to be presented and served outside to 210 guests.  The presentation was absolutely beautiful, and it was so delicious that after doing the traditional trading of first bites, I couldn't resist sneaking more before the toasts were even finished.  I still think about that dessert.”

-Sarah Finklea


“Deliciously addictive, to acquire a dozen of Emily's cupcakes is to pretty much guarantee that you'll never leave the vicinity of your kitchen until they're gone.”

-Johnny Schmidt


Penington Friends House:

-Jimmy Manocchio 2016

-Jimmy Manocchio 2016

“Emily, Your food is delish! Creative and tasty use of cabbage! Thank you so much!” 

-Holly 7/29/15


“I did not expect for the meals at Friends to be a highlight of my trip but they were! EXCEPTIONAL! Found myself making dinner bell part of itinerary.” 

-Peggy and Sue April 2016


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